Pets are welcome in Hotel Hardegarijp-Leeuwarden (on request). We charge a fee of € 10,00 per pet, per night. In order to enjoy your stay with your pet as optimally as possible, we would like to point out our house rules.

Owners information
Your dog is more than welcome in our hotel lobby or on the terrace. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in our restaurant. An exception is made for service dogs. Service dogs are dogs that help people with disabilities to increase their independence. These service dogs are allowed anywhere in the hotel and restaurant. 

  • We kindly ask you to keep your dog on a leash, both in the hotel and in the parking lot.
  • Please take your pet for sanitary walks outside of the parking lot;
  • It is not allowed to leave your dog unattended in the hotel room when you are not present in the hotel yourself.
  • Please inform or front office when your pet stays in the room when you visit our restaurant, terrace, bar/lounge, or one of the board rooms, so we can reach you in case of disturbance;
  • We reserve the right to charge extra cleaning costs in case of excessive soiling of the room;
  • In case of persistent noise disturbance, for example by barking, we reserve the right to remove the dog from our hotel. Removal due to nuisance does not entitle you to any refund.

There is a veterinarian practice in Hardegarijp, “Dierenartsenpraktijk Giekerk-Hardegarijp-Veenwouden”. The veterinarian practice is open from Monday to Friday and can be reached by phone between 8.30 am and 5.30 - +31511-472064. Outside of the opening hours, the veterinary practice can always be reached by this number in case of emergencies.

The address is:
Westeromwei 71
9254ED Hurdegaryp

Hiking trails
The reception staff will be happy to help you find the most beautiful walking routes for taking a lovely walk with your four-legged friend.

If you have any questions after reading the pet rules, our reception staff is happy to assist you.

To book your pet, please contact our reception via or call +31511-475700.