Harlingen is a charming city located on the Frisian coastline and known for its rich maritime history and beautiful canals.

The historic city center offers a wealth of sights. Stroll through the streets and admire the well-preserved 17-century facades. Explore the local markets and boutiques, where artisans demonstrate their craftmanship.

For history lovers, a visit to the harbor is highly recommended. Take a cruise along the coast or take part in an excursion to the Wadden Islands. You can also go kayaking, windsurfing, walking and cycling along the beautiful landscapes.

Our top 3:
1. Expedition ship of Willem Barentz
2. Harlinger tile factory
3. Hannemahuis


Dokkum is an attractive city located in the heart of Friesland. Surrounded by vast landscapes, and historic waterways, Dokkum offers a unique mix of history, culture, and nature.

Explore the rich history of Dokkum in the city center, where beautiful historic buildings and narrow streets take you back to the past. Dokkum is an oasis of peace for nature lovers. Explore the beautiful waters by boat of kayak and enjoy the views the surrounding countryside has to offer.

Dokkum offers plenty of opportunities for active recreation. Rent a bicycle from us and explore the most beautiful cycling routes along the villages, mills, and vast meadows.

Our top 3:
1. Boniface Church
2. Downtown Dokkum
3. Dockum Brewery


Sneek is a charming city in the heart of the Frisian lakes. Known for its rich maritime history and vibrant water sports culture, Sneek offers many activities and sights.

Explore the historic city center of Sneek, where beautiful canals, old warehouses and attractive squares take you back to the past. Take a walk along the Water Gate, an iconic synbol of the city, and admire the historic buildings.

Discover the water sports in Sneek, where you have endless opportunities for sailing, canoeing, rowing and windsurfing on nearby lakes and canals. Explore the surrounding waterways by boat or rent a bicycle and discover the villages and vast landscapes along the waterfront.

Sneek also offers something for culture lovers. Visit the Frisian Maritime museum or enjoy a performance in one of the many theaters in the city. 

Our top 3:
1. Museums such as the National Model Railway Museum and the Frisian Maritime Museum
2. Rent a boat and explore Sneek from the water
3. Art route through the city of Sneek


Franeker is a city surrounding the beautiful Frisian countryside. Explore the historic city center of Franeker, where you can walk along the beautiful canals and old mansions and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside.

Visit the famous Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium, the oldest working planetarium of the world! Or how about the Martene museum, where you come face to face with the city's history.

Franeker offers countless opportunities for cycling, walking and water sports. Discover the beautiful cycling routes or take a relaxing boat trip on the water. 

Our top 3:
1. Eise Eisinga Planetarium
2. Museum Martena
3. Theater de Koornbeurs


Bolsward is known for its rich history and beautiful canals. Explore the city and wander along the winding streets and impressive monuments. Admire the imposing St. Francis Church, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Culture enthusiasts can visit the It Tsiispakhus museum, where you can learn everything about the dairy history of Friesland. There are also plenty of beautiful cycling routes from Bolward to enjoy the surrounding nature.

Our top 3:
1. Historical Center Bolsward
2. Broerekerk
3. Bolwerk