Boat trip Lauwersmeer

The Lauwersmeer area is a pearl that is located in the national park and also consists of part waterway. Be inspired by the most beautiful stories that the captain will tell about the rich history of the nature reserve and how the flora and fauna originated here. 

Rondvaarderij Princenhof

Experience a beautiful cruise with Rondvaarderij Princenhof and discover the beautiful nature reserve De Alde Faenen. Admire the Frisian waters, enjoy the vast Frisian landscapr and be amazed by the peace and space that Friesland has to offer. 

Pram Sailing Leeuwarden

Discover the history of Leeuwarden with pram sailing. Pramen used to be called the puck mules of the water, with which everything you could imagine could be transported.  Sail through the beautiful canals of Leeuwarden. The guide will tell you about the history and special features of Leeuwarden along the way. There are various routes, with the Prinsentuin being the classic. You sail past cozy terraces on the water and past the leafy Prinsentuin, once the finishing place of the Elfsteden Tocht, now declared by the ANWB as the most beautiful natural passing harbor in the Netherlands.