Pieterburen Seal Center

The Pieterburen Seal Center is a sanctuary for seals in the Netherlands, located in the Groningen village of Pieterburen. Pieterburen is the largest specializes seal hospital in Europe. In the seal center you will discover everything about the seal and its habit.

In the seal center, sick and weakened seals of all ages are cared for and treated and then released. The center is committed to the management and conservation of the seal habitat, trains people to work with these marine mammals, conducts research and provides information. 

In the visitor center you are in the middle of the seal hospital and you can watch the care of seals in the various phases of the shelter. In addition, in the visitor center you will find all the information about the two types of seals that can be found in the Netherlands. Depending on the season, different activities are organized. 

Opening hours:
April - October: 10 AM - 5 PM
November - March: 11 AM - 4 PM

Hoofdstraat 94a
9968 AG Pieterburen