Christmas menu

4-course dinner - Christmas
€ 62.50 per person including drinks*
*Dutch arrangement



Smoked salmon bonbon
Filled with smoked trout, cream cheese and chives. Served with roasted tomatoes, salmon caviar, samphire, and lemon yogurt dill sauce

Shrimp cocktail
With Dutch and Norwegian shrimp, sweet and sour cucumber, herb lettuce and cocktail sauce

Beet tartare
Beetroot, goat cheese, candied Chioggia beet, pomegranate, little gem, walnuts and raspberry dressing

Beef carpaccio
Truffle cream, Parmesan, pine nuts and marinated mushrooms

Duck breast fillet
Marinated duck breast fillet, sauerkraut salad, apple syrup, cranberries and fig syrup



Celery cream soup
Fried chanterelles and truffle crouton

Tomato soup
Cream of mascarpone, olive oil and meatballs

Game stock
Game poulet, green herbs and mushrooms

Smoked salmon salad
Salad of smoked salmon, shrimp, samphire, Citrus dressing and roasted tomato



Sea ​​bass fillet
With large prawns, pumpkin mousseline and Hollandaise sauce

Salmon fillet
Pumpkin mousseline, antiboise and grilled asparagus

Surf 'n Turf
Fried Tournedos, prawn skewer, truffle tapenade and Madeira sauce

Veal duo
Grilled veal loin, veal stew, potato and apple mash and mustard sauce

Stuffed with mushroom duxelles, wrapped in bacon, served with thyme sauce and poached pear

Game stew
Mousseline of truffle and forest mushrooms with crispy bacon

Filled with spinach, feta, sun-dried tomatoes and bell pepper served with sweet and sour cucumber and tzatziki sauce

Mild vegetable curry
With saffron rice and papadum



Grand Dessert
Tasting of various desserts

Apple strudel
With cinnamon ice cream, stewed pear and vanilla sauce

Frisian Berenburg, espresso cream, cookies and Fryske dumkes crumb

Hot Chocolate Cake
With vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce, hazelnut crumb and whipped cream

Van der Valk sorbet
Three scoops of sorbet ice cream, fruits, strawberry sauce and whipped cream




Ham with melon
Raw ham with melon and mixed salad

Tomato soup with cream


Fried fish
With fries and remoulade sauce

Kids burger
With lettuce, tomato, cheese and fries

Choice of croquette, frikandel, chicken nuggets or cheese souffle
Served with fries, mayonnaise and apple sauce



Kids ice cream
Three types of ice cream with ice cream cone, sprinkles, fruits, chocolate sauce and a surprise