Elfsteden biking routes

Experience the Tour of Tours by bike! Go at your own pace and choose which cities you want to cycle through. Along the way you can enjoy the beautiful nature that Friesland has to offer. Make a stop in the different towns, each with its own charm. 

Complete Elfstedentocht route (265 KM)
Cycle the Tour of Tours through the eleven cities of Friesland and stamp your card. 

Stage 1: Sneek - Stavoren (75 KM)
Cycle past the meadows, the Ijsselmeer and through the small villages to eventually reach the four major cities. 

Stage 2: Stavoren - Harlingen (50 KM)
Discover the west side of Friesland and pass the most heart-warming villages along the way. 

Stage 3: Harlingen - Dokkum (75 KM)
Discover the north side of Friesland and experience the different characteristics of the medium-sized cities of Harlingen, Dokkum and Franeker. 

Stage 4: Dokkum - Sneek (50 KM)
Descend slowly back to the center of Friesland and pass famous bridges such as thosr of Bartlehiem and Gytsjerk.