Short biking routes

You do not have to go far to discover new and beautiful things. Go out with the whole family and cycle one of the short routes below. 

Discover Northeast Friesland (26 KM)
Start in a three-lined area and end in a large salt march area, passing the beautiful Veenklooster. 

Twijzelerheide (32 KM)
Discover the difference in nature and cycle through the landscape with hedgerows and sand ridges to the area where meadows and swamps dominate. 

Northern Forests (32 KM)
Cycle through an attractive environment with lakes and enjoy the peace and quiet in the Alde Faenen Landscape. 

Fen Route (26 KM)
A beautiful route through Alde Faenen National Park, where you have a good chance of spotting beautiful birds. 

The Tour of Ypeij (25 KM)
Discover the history of the wealthy Ypeij family and cycle past the Vijvenburg, the Ypey mill and much more. 

The Godless Singel (30.5 KM)
Cycle through the Butenfjild nature reserve, which was created by the Ice Age, where you can admire the most beautiful grasslands, water ponds and extensive reed fields. 

Friesland during the war (36.5 KM)
Take a journey through time and discover what happened during the Second World War around the coastal and Wadden area.